An analgesic for high-performance audio on the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X.

Really fast audio in iOS and Mac OS X using Audio Units is hard, and will leave you scarred and bloody. What used to take days can now be done with just a few lines of code.

Getting Audio

Novocaine *audioManager = [Novocaine audioManager];
[audioManager setInputBlock:^(float *newAudio, UInt32 numSamples, UInt32 numChannels) {
	// Now you're getting audio from the microphone every 20 milliseconds or so. How's that for easy?
	// Audio comes in interleaved, so, 
	// if numChannels = 2, newAudio[0] is channel 1, newAudio[1] is channel 2, newAudio[2] is channel 1, etc. 

Playing Audio

Novocaine *audioManager = [Novocaine audioManager];
[audioManager setOutputBlock:^(float *audioToPlay, UInt32 numSamples, UInt32 numChannels) {
	// All you have to do is put your audio into "audioToPlay". 

Does anybody actually use it?

Yep. Novocaine is result of three years of work on the audio engine of Octave, Fourier and oScope, a powerful suite of audio analysis apps.

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